In-Ground Pool Installations Completed in 2 Weeks Weather Allowing

New in-ground pools starting at $28,000, including installation, pool kit, and Michigan sales tax.

Our in-ground pool kits contain EVERYTHING you need except installation and the water! Our kits include:

  • Pool Walls with limited LIFETIME PLUS warranty including wall braces
  • Premium liner, skimmer, and two return jets
  • Vermiculite and Portland cement bottom
  • 1 – Duo Main Drain
  • All plumbing and valves
  • Pentair 1 HP pump
  • Pentair sand filter w/ sand
  • Chlorine Chelical Feeder
  • Stainless steel ladder
  • Chemical Start up Kit including Liquid Solar Blanket
  • Vacuum pole, brush, hose, vacuum head, and lead skimmer
  • Safety rope
  • 8-foot offset step
  • Handrail
  • Light w/junction box

So how does Cove Pools sell pools for so much less than other pool companies? There are several reasons:

  1. Cove Pools does not mark up the installation costs, so you pay WHOLESALE prices for your installation. Other pool companies mark up their installation prices by 20%!
  2. You aren’t paying for “in-house” overhead costs associated with other companies who use their own crews to install pools.
  3. Because your pool will be installed by a licensed general contractor, YOU SAVE because you aren’t paying twice for the contractor’s license and insurances needed to install your pool. Other pool companies are licensed and insured so the general contractor is charging you for this in their quote.
  4. We save you on other installation costs such as sand, extra hauling costs, fencing, and other costs associated with your pool installation. We don’t “nickel and dime” you to death with extra costs.
  5. We even save you on your property taxes! While other companies raise your taxes by the entire cost of the project, including all your pool equipment extras, we keep your costs, which includes your property taxes, down!!
  6. You can pull the building permit and make the necessary phone calls needed (about 4 total) and save thousands! But no worries: your installer is still the general contractor and assumes all liability at the job site.
  7. All totaled, you will see savings of $3,000-$10,000 over other pool companies.

Services and Repairs

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Platinum Plus Service

If you want to take all the worries out of pool care, then this is the service for you. For just $900 for the season this service includes: Open and start up your pool (plus chemicals and parts); FREE labor on repair calls (add $44 trip charge on all service calls); 15% OFF repair parts, chemical purchases, and weekly services (except Sapphire service). Service includes preferred scheduling for service calls, and we will close your pool in the fall (plus chemicals and parts). Add $100 for an attached spa or in-floor cleaning system. Items not covered by this service are underground leaks, cosmetics, automatic covers, automatic control systems, emergency service or same-day service, normal weekly maintenance, and electrical service. Sorry, no refunds. Discounts cannot be combined with any other discount or offer.

Pool Painting

Includes drain and clean, prep, and TSP.
Convert from Rubber to Epoxy | 16x32: $4,185 | 18x36: $5,060 | 20x40: $5,855 | Spa: $995
Epoxy Paint | 16x32: $2,825 | 18x36: $3,510 | 20x40: $3,870 | Spa: $750

Deck Cleaning

Our professional staff will pressure wash and clean your concrete or wood decks or driveways. We can even seal your decks and concrete for you The cost for this service is only $84 for the trip charge and includes the first half hour of labor. Additional time is billed at $24 per quarter hour plus materials. Start your year off with clean decks from Cove Pools.

Drain and Clean Service

This service is available to all cement, plastered, and stainless steel pool owners. 4hr maximum, additional time is billed at $25 per quarter hour. We do not dispose of debris or old covers.
16x32 pool: $345 | 18x36 pool: $370 | 20x40 pool: $395 | Attached spa: $125

Pool Start Up Service

When your pool is full, call us to have a professional service technician come out and start up your system, check for any problems, and get your system running properly for the season. The cost for this service is only $88 for the trip charge and includes the first half hour of labor, plus parts and chemicals. Additional time is billed at $25 per quarter hour.

Standard Pool Opening

Open your pool using existing water (includes remove and clean cover and starting up pool). Please fill pool prior to our arrival. Note: Additional $88 charge for return trip if pool is not full before our arrival.
Any pool up to 20x40: Only $390 (Plus the cost of chemicals and parts. Service does not include vacuuming pool.)


At Cove Pools we are here to serve all of your in-ground pool supply and repair needs. We invite you to stop by and experience the Cove Pool difference. Our expert staff do not just sell pool products and supplies. We listen to your pool needs and deliver results—the first time. From free water testing and maintenance, to hard to find parts. We know the industry and we know what works.

Our job is to save you time and money and make your pool care easy by helping keep your pool water sparkling clean.

Products and services we offer
  • Friendly, well trained, knowledgeable staff
  • Expert advice on all your pool needs
  • Free water testing
  • Pool chemicals
  • Pool cleaning supplies
  • Pool toys and games
  • Hard to find parts and supplies
  • Automatic Cleaners
  • Filters
  • Heaters and Heat Pumps

Troubleshooting FAQ

I think I have Algae in my pool. What do I do?

First, determine the type of algae in your pool. There are 4 different type of algae that is experienced in Michigan: Green Algae, Mustard Algae, Black Algae, White Algae, Pink Algae.

Green Algae has a green tint. To eliminate Green Algae the following steps need to be taken: First, in the evening, brush the entire pool even though you may not be able to see the entire pool. Second, shock the pool using 1 pound of Zappitt Shock per 5000 gallons of water. Third, add 1 quart of Regal Algaecide 60 Plus. For severe cases substitute ½ quart of Copper Algaecide in place of Algaecide 60 Plus.

Mustard Algae looks like sand on the floor and sides of the pool. To eliminate Mustard Algae, you must complete the following: In the evening: first, brush the entire pool. Second, shock the pool using 1 pound of Zappitt Shock per 5000 gallons of water. Third, add ½ quart of Copper algaecide. Fourth

White Algae is sometimes called water mold. This is often found in indoor pools. To eliminate White Algae you must complete the following steps. First, Shut off the circulation system. Second, brush the entire pool. Third, shock the pool using Zappitt Shock until 25 parts per million has been reached. Fourth, add ½ quart of Swimtrine Plus to the pool. You must hold the 25 parts per million level of Zappitt Shock for three days. No one may use the pool until the sanitizer level has been lowered to 2-4 parts per million.

Pink Algae usually occurs in pools using Biguanide sanitizers such as Soft Swim of Baquasil, which are man-made chemicals. To rid the pool of Pink Algae, the pool must be taken off of the Biguanide product completely. The pool must be shocked using Zappitt Shock (pool water will turn brown) until a level of 12 parts per million is achieved. Make sure you run the circulation system the entire time you are treating the pool. Hold the level of sanitizer for 3 days or until the pink algae is gone. Continue treating for an additional 24 hours. Pink Algae is found in all pool plumbing and equipment so you must continue using chlorine in your pool for three months.

I seem to be having problems with my chemical feeder.

Leaks water from the lid: Check the o-ring to make sure it is in good shape and there are no cracks in the lid.

Handle won’t tighten: Replace handle or lid retaining bar.

Water tests indicate too much or not enough chlorine or bromine

Adjust the inlet and outlet valves as necessary. Turning the valve towards the 0 is turning the valve off. Turning the valve towards the 6 increases the chlorine or bromine flow.  Also, ensure all air has been removed from the feeder.

What is a ``drain and clean``?

This service includes draining the pool, acid washing, cleaning the tile, removing debris and includes ½ hour paint touch-up. It does not include re-filling the pool. Re-filling the pool should be done immediately after the pool is completed. Note: some stains may not come out.

What do the different positions on my filter valve handle mean?

  1. Filter-used for filtering water. This is used for normal operations.
  2. Waste-Used to remove water from the pool
  3. Closed- Do not Use. This is for service-only
  4. Backwash-use to clean the filter
  5. Winterize- set to this position during winter non-use
  6. Recirculate- Do not use unless instructed by Cove Pools. Indicates a service call.
  7. Rinse-use in conjunction with backwashing. Always rinse for 10 seconds after backwashing the filter.
  8. Normal filter pressure must be maintained at 15-20 PSI.


My system is getting air not water.

If you are getting air into your pump or your return inlets, you are pulling air into the system. The possible causes are:

  1. Pump lid o-ring is bad. Check the 0-ring for cracks. If the o-ring appears good, apply Magic Lube on the o-ring and reinstall the lid. If the problem stops, you must replace the o-ring. Leaving the Magic Lube on the 0-ring may cause other problems.
  2. The winter drain plugs found on the bottom of the pump have o-rings. Check these plugs to make sure the o-rings are on and are in good shape.
  3. The valves coming into the pump all have o-rings inside of them. Unless the valve is easily taken apart, it is best to replace if the o-rings are bad.
  4. You could be pulling air from a crack in a pipe. If this is the case your pool will also be losing water.

If none of these solutions solve the problem, call Cove Pools.

My filter is showing low filter pressure.

Check for clogged or a restricted pump basket or skimmer grate.

If you have cleaned both the skimmer and the pump baskets and still have low pressure, follow this procedure:

Shut off the pump and close the valves at the pump. Remove the pump lid and basket. Get a garden hose and attach a pistol grip nozzle to it. Insert the nozzle into the hole and spray water into it for a minimum of two minutes. After two minutes, turn off the pump, fill it up with water from the nozzle, then remove the nozzle from the pump. Re-install the basket and pump lid. Open the valves and turn on the pump. After it gains prime, check the pressure. If it is higher than when you started, then repeat the process until you have 17-20 PSI. If there is no change in the pressure, call Cove Pools.

Why won't my pump turn on?

  1. The power switch is off.
  2. The timer clock is off. Turn on time clock switch inside the time clock.
  3. The circuit breaker is tripped. Reset the breaker.

Why does my pump “humm” when it is on?

The pump shaft is frozen or pump has a bad capacitor. Schedule a service call.

What do I do if my pump overheats or shuts itself off?

  1. Check time clock to ensure it has not turned the pump off.
  2. Improper ventilation of the pump motor. Remove any air restrictions of the air flow around the base of the pump.
  3. The pump motor is failing and needs to be replaced. Call Cove Pools.

What do I do if my pump will not prime?

  1. Does pump have water in it? If not, add water to the pump, then re-tighten pump lid securely, start the pump and wait one minute for the pump to prime.
  2. The pump lid is not on tight. Lube pump lid o-ring, then reinstall pump lid tightly.
  3. The water level is below the skimmer. Add water to pool until proper level is obtained (half way up the skimmer).
  4. Pump strainer basket or skimmer grate are clogged. Clean them.
  5. Closed valves in the piping system leading to the pump. Open the skimmer and main drain valves.
  6. If the pump is a 2-speed, make sure pump is at high speed.
  7. The pump is noisy. It has worn bearings and the motor needs to be replaced.
  8. Something is stuck in the pump impeller. Call Cove Pools to clean out the impeller.

What do I do if there is sand in my pool?

Determine if it is really sand by brushing it with a pool brush. If it appears to disappear when you brush it, it is probably Mustard Algae. If it doesn’t disappear when you brush it, shut the pump off, set the filter to re-circulate position. Turn pump back on and call Cove Pools.

Pool Painting FAQ

Why convert rubber to epoxy paint?

We no longer paint with any type of rubber pool paint. Rubber paint tends to blister and peel leaving the pool surface unsightly. We recommend to customers with rubber paint in their pools to have their pool converted to an epoxy pool paint. There are many advantages to using an epoxy paint.

  1. If pool water is chemically maintained and kept in balance you can expect 7-10 years between paint jobs. That’s 3 times longer life than rubber paint.
  2. It is a very hard, durable paint which does not chip or peel due to ice damage during the winter. The only situation where the paint’s life span will be shortened is due to improper water chemistry balance.
  3. We recommend you paint the pool white, instead of a tinted color. Tinted color will fade quickly and if you decide to touch it up the color will not match the faded paint. With white, it does not fade and touch-ups match and a white pool when filled looks blue.

How long does this paint conversion process take?

This depends on the weather, but typically this is a 2-week process, but may take longer depending on the weather.

When is the best time to paint a pool?

Usually, the best time is in the fall. The weather is better for painting and you have probably finished your pool activities for the season.

What is the base coat?

It is called Fusion Plus. It is an epoxy primer which has been formulated to stick to the rubber paint and help the epoxy paint adhere to the surface.

Pool School Videos

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Weekly Maintainence

Sapphire Service

$ 34

Per Week (plus the cost of chemicals)

Designed for the budget-minded pool owner. Once a week we will:

  •  Come to your home, test your pool water
  •  Add chemicals needed to help ensure water clarity and balance
  • Check your circulation system (if available) for proper operation
  •  Clean your skimmer and pump baskets
  •  Clean and backwash your filter
  • Empty and clean your cleaner (if equipped)
  • Hand vacuum, net, and brush your pool
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Emerald ServiceRecommended

$ 36

Per Week (plus the cost of chemicals)

Become a Platinum Plus customer and SAVE 15%

  •  Come to your home, test your pool water
  •  Add chemicals needed to help ensure water clarity and balance
  • Check your circulation system (if available) for proper operation
  •  Clean your skimmer and pump baskets
  •  Clean and backwash your filter
  • Empty and clean your cleaner (if equipped)
  • Hand vacuum, net, and brush your pool
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Diamond Service

$ 95

Per Week (plus the cost of chemicals)

Become a Platinum Plus customer and SAVE 15%

  •  Come to your home, test your pool water
  •  Add chemicals needed to help ensure water clarity and balance
  • Check your circulation system (if available) for proper operation
  •  Clean your skimmer and pump baskets
  •  Clean and backwash your filter
  • Empty and clean your cleaner (if equipped)
  • Hand vacuum, net, and brush your pool
Get Diamond

Have us open your pool in April and receive 20% off your total chemical order!!!

If you open in April you will have no algae to kill or control for the season. If you open in May, chances are you will have algae already growing in your pool that you not only have to kill but treat for the rest of the swimming season.

It costs an average of $220 to kill and treat the pool for algae. It only costs about $75 in electric and chemicals to open a month earlier, and you’re looking at beautiful water instead of a winter cover.